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Complex waste treatment technologies like anaerobic digestion plants often require professional supervision, especially in the first years of operation. External monitoring of operations also gives the owners a regular independent status report of the asset and its operation, technically as well as commercially. An operation-based monitoring program provides monthly reports, showing the P/L situation on each type of waste or on each waste delivery. Further, it highlights possible problems before they occur and therefore prevents unnecessary down times and losses.

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Unfortunately, existing plants sometimes do not fulfil the client’s expectation or reach their designed capacity requirements. Therefore, those plants would need optimization steps to bring them up to perform as expected.

Reinhard Goeschl Consulting offers an objective evaluation and assessment of any existing solid waste management treatment facility / landfill and propose options for improvements and development steps. The target is to increase the plant’s efficiency which results in cost optimization. This service includes a physical site inspection and detailed survey and performance assessment of the existing technology, both mobile and fixed. It also indicates necessary steps and investments for improvement including budgetary cost estimations for the same.



Waste management has become a complex area, legally, technically, and commercially. It should not only cover the correct disposal but also how to reuse, reduce and recycle, in order to minimise one’s waste generation, all within the legal regulations.

Different kinds of waste require different solutions, always in line with the local regulations and conditions. RGC helps its clients to develop waste management concepts and strategies for their organisation, communities or governing areas, and assist them to find the most suitable and reliable service providers. We help clients to understand and minimize their risk associated with their waste management strategies and programmes. Further, RGC supports their clients during the implementations of their strategies.

Besides doing complete waste management strategies RGC also supports their clients by providing solution proposals for single waste streams, contaminated soil, old landfills or other environmental issues including cost estimations, if required.

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Either separately or in conjunction with the other services they offer, RGC conducts feasibility studies and prepare business plans for their clients’ future investments.

One of RGC’s core competence is to prepare Landfill Remediation studies.

Having the most extensive experience in the remediation/mining/cleaning of old Landfill worldwide they are the most suitable choice to conduct a feasibility study and/or business plan for any landfill remediation project. Such a study will provide answers to the following topics: 

  • The technical possibility of cleaning this landfill

  • Estimation of the landfill’s contents and their reuse possibilities?

  • Technology necessary for an ecologically and economically feasible landfill remediation project? 

  • CAPEX and OPEX estimation of such a landfill remediation project

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